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Vrijeme održavanja: 24-11-2015 - 24-11-2015
Mjesto održavanja: Kneza Borne 2, Zagreb, Croatia :: Zagreb
Vrsta događanja: konferencija,

» dodano: 27-10-2015 | Autor: Hrvatski savjet za zelenu gradnju | Tagovi:

International conference “Health and Wellbeing” has an aim to emphasize the significance of health, wellbeing and productivity for all kind of businesses, including public buildings sector.


There can hardly be anything more important than our own health and wellbeing, and that of our loved ones. For most employers and building users meanwhile, a healthy, happy workforce is a vital component of a productive, successful business in the long-term.

Staff costs, including salaries and benefits, typically account for about 90% of a business’ operating costs (as the diagram shows). It follows that the productivity of staff, or anything that impacts their ability to be productive, should be a major concern for any organisation.

Furthermore, it should be self-evident that small differences can have a large effect. What may appear a modest improvement in employee health or productivity can have a significant financial implication for employers.

This equation is at the heart of the business case for healthy, productive offices, to which we return at the end of this chapter what will be the content of the presentation given by Mr James Drinkwater, Senior Policy Adviser (Europe Regional Network), World Green Building Council.

There are reputable, robust studies that suggest the green design features of buildings lead to healthier, more productive occupants. Often, ‘green’ equates to a feature which enables low carbon or energy efficient operation of the building such as daylighting or natural ventilation.

Indeed, in many cases there does seem to be a virtuous circle of good design that works for both people and planet.

There are plenty of win-wins (for people and planet) if designer think in advance about Indoor Air Quality; Thermal comfort, Daylighting & lighting, Biophilia, Noise, Interior layout, Look & feel, Active design & exercise, Amenities & location – let’s implement them in every single building on our markets!





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